Sensor Cores

SHT is the market leader in Japan for current sensors used in EVs and other vehicles, offering a full line of cores including winding cores using electrical steel, laminated cores, and molded cores made with injection molding technology.
We use our proprietary partial molding manufacturing technology to provide ultrasonically welded casing cores employing our partially molded cores.


No. 1 in sales! No. 1 in market share!

  • High precision automated manufacturing technology makes optimal use of the properties of grain oriented electrical steel.
  • Dimensional precision assured by molding method
  • Burrs eliminated by molding and gap cutting
  • Integrated production, from cores through molding
  • Annual sensor core output exceeds 16 million through a stable global supply chain!
  • A production system continuously improved and strengthened to meet customer needs
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* Based on 2019 sales

Deliveries (quantity)

* Total for SHT Group / * Total number of all sensor core type

Magnetic characteristics control assures reliably consistent quality!

Common quality assurance

  • Confirm that electrical steel meets specifications based on steel manufacturers mill sheet.
  • Check annealing temperature with thermograph.
  • Check external dimensions, gap dimensions with gauge.
Assurance of performance as
mechanical component

SHT’s quality assurance

In addition to the conventional checklist, we check magnetic properties with a coercimeter.
We work with the customer to set quality control standards based on correlation data from coercimeters in consultation with the customer.

  • Variation in material properties
  • Variation in annealing (temperature and position)
  • Variation in stress during processing
    * Comprehensive management of factors affecting variation of properties
Assurance of performance as
an electronic component

SHT supports product development with new ideas!

Diverse range made possible by an integrated manufacturing system!

Magnetic and electrical characteristics support

  • SHT supports all required test measurements (0 – 1600 A) with our magnetic and electrical characteristics measurement environment.
    Magnetic properties: Residual flux density (Br), saturation (B-H characteristic), linearity
    Electrical properties: Withstand voltage test of monolithic moldings

Product lineup

Winding core
  • Shaped to minimize line overlap when wound by our proprietary automatic winders
  • Excellent magnetic properties due to optimized temperature profile annealing
  • Grain oriented electrical steel
Laminated core
  • Optimized annealing through a proprietary temperature profile
  • Pressing process yields outstanding dimensional precision
  • Non-oriented electrical steel
Partially molded core
  • Partial molding eliminates conductive burrs by cutting at gap edges
  • Dimensional precision ideal for encasement, facilitating case assembly
Monolithically molded core
  • Molding know-how only available with a manufacturer versed in core properties
  • High quality assured by integrated production from cores to monolithic molding
Ultrasonically welded casing core
  • Ultrasonic welding eliminates performance degradation (of 20% or more) due to molding stress while achieving fundamental core properties.
  • High quality assured by integrated production from core to case